About Us

Established in 2009, PT Sanjaya Internasional Fishery is a supplier of Seafood commodity manufacturing products in North Jakarta, Indonesia. Based on a small business where the local community contributes, now we grow up and having loyal customer around ASEAN country, of course with reference to the better quality of our products, increased workforce capabilities and our very competitive prices. Located in the coast and environment of Indonesia, at the same time we are expanding our products by intertwining and embracing various Indonesian fisherman to increase the glory of Fishery in Indonesia.


PT Sanjaya Internasional Fishery was founded in 2009 in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. With the experience possessed by the company founder, Mr. Hongpeng pioneered a business opportunity in Muara Angke with only facilities at Lelang Baru No. 6. At the beginning of its establishment. PT Sanjaya Internasional Fishery is only engaged in the export of fresh fish packed in styrofoam boxes. The products are then exported using air cargo to another countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.



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Board Of Director

President Director - Hong Peng
Director - Niah
Vice President - Antoni
General Manager - Sandi